Hello, I’m Christian

A software developer

one Trick Pony

I’m a scientist, engineer, developer, and designer. I have experience working in research labs, startups, and corporations. My multi-faceted experiences allows me to assist any team and succeed at any task.

Full-Stack Web Dev

My first language I learned on my own was Javascript. Since then, I’ve been creating webapps with React.js and static websites with Gatsby.js. On the flip side, I’ve built backends with MongoDB and Postgres. 

Variety in Learning

I have experience with simple machine learning techniques such as linear regression, logisitic regression, decision trees, and cluster algorithms. I also have experience with Deep Learning, espeically with CNN and Deep RL.

Designer by Nature

Design has always been a main theme in whatever project I do, since I’m always thinking about how to make a project marketable. At the same time, I didn’t want to pay for icons on the web, so I picked up Illustrator/Photoshop and did my own designs.

Featured Projects



An EE106A class project for trying autonomous driving algorithms.



With H.E.A.T, retail companies will have a better tool to understand and analyze the traction in their stores.



A generative contextual augmentation framework using a deep learning approach that predicts the placement of an object given an existing scene.

Featured Design

Reyes Engineering:
New Year, New Website

On the day of new decade (January 1, 2020 to be exact), I had the pleasure of deploying Reyes Engineering’s new website. A much needed improvement from their old website, this minimalist yet function website showcases the best of what Reyes Engineering has to offer.


Christian worked for me as an intern in the IOTG team at Intel. During this time he showed outstanding knowledge in computer science and a capacity to learn coupled with excitement and energy that made him a truly outstanding employee. He took on technical tasks that other engineers on our team had not tackled yet and was not only very successful but trained others on what he had learned. Christian was able to bring great value to the organization by applying his machine learning skills while creating software projects that are now held up as examples for external customers. The things mentioned above are a sampling of why Christian would make a great addition to any team looking for a software engineer and I strongly recommend him for such positions.

Neal Smith, Sr. ML Software Engineer @ Intel Corporation

Christian worked with me in the IOT group as a software engineering intern. During that time, he quickly came up to speed on existing software engineering projects and cutting edge technologies. Christian has a solid understanding of machine learning core concepts and software engineering which has proven to be valuable to the team. Christian is self-motivated, brings a very positive energy to the workplace, and works well in a team setting as well as independently. Most importantly, he is a legit good person and that's why I would recommend him for any software engineering or similar positions.

Tome Vang, ML Software Engineer @ Intel Corporation

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